What is Blown Wing Technology?


How effective is the technology?

NREL 5MW modelled with FAST, IEC 1.2 NTM load case

Real World Testing:


Technology Benefits Summary:


Slots in the blade eject air towards the leading edge quickly causing the air flow to separate: reducing aerodynamic lift and hence structural loads.

The air delivery is powered by the rotation of the blade, and controlled by valves at the blade root. No auxiliary blowing system is required, and there are no moving parts in the outboard of the blade.

The system reacts in just 0.15 seconds, 6X faster than regular pitch control, protecting the turbine from unsafe loads.


A comparison between two control systems:

Red: Conventional pitch system

Blue: Pitch system with the addition of Blown Wing Technology 

For this typical turbulent wind regime centered around rated wind speed the Blown Wing Technology delivers substantial load reductions.

The peak load increase due to wind gusts is reduced by 65%



Blown Wing Technology was integrated into the blades of a fully instrumented 100kW turbine.

Data was collected for several months of turbine operation.

This data confirmed the ability of Blown Wing Technology to effectively control the turbine rotor.